Construction Development

Plans shall be prepared, signed, and sealed by a Professional Engineer licensed in the State of Texas, and accompanied by the attached Civil Plan Application for a first submittal, and with a comment response letter for all subsequent submittals.  

For plans to be reviewed, they need to be submitted with payment for the review fee. Learn more about the fees here.

Electronic plans (24"x 36" sheets) and supporting documents in .pdf format, by e-mail, or file transfer method. Electronic files related to plans or plan reviews can be submitted via email to Laura Melton, Assistant Director of Public Works.  

Hard copies of plans (two full-size sets of 24" x 36" sheets) and supporting documents shall be submitted to the Public Works/Engineering Department located on the basement level of Cleburne City Hall located at 10 N. Robinson Street Cleburne, Texas 76033.  (Plan can be submitted via USPS, UPS, FedEx or other couriers. There is also a drop box located out front of City Hall.) 

The Developer shall submit the following:

  • Two (2) sets of hardcopy construction plans (full size), bound neatly on the left side, and 
  • One (1) set of electronic plans (.pdf format) by file transfer or on flash drive,  and
  •  A copy of the plat included as the second page of the plan sets, and
  • Water, Sanitary Sewer, Paving, Drainage and Erosion Control sheets, (as applicable) - signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer licensed in the State of Texas, and
  • Mark-ups from previous review (resubmittals only)
  • Comment response letter (resubmittals only)
  • Engineering Design Review Fee (detailed here)

The next step is to contact us at the City of Cleburne to schedule a Pre-Construction Meeting.

City of Cleburne Construction Standard Details

Standard details for the City of Cleburne.