Bulk Trash Service

Bulk Waste Once a month, the Cleburne Sanitation Department will have trucks that will come by your house to collect bulky items. 

It is not necessary to notify the Sanitation Department that you have items out. 

This service is free of charge once a month for households. Bulk items put out at anytime other than their designated time will result in the items be picked up and owners being automatically charged.

  1. Rules
  2. Not Allowed

How Much and What Can Be Set Out

  • Bulky item pick up is limited to 10 cubic yards (about eight feet long, six feet wide, and six feet tall.  
  • Bulk items are any items that cannot fit into your garbage cart. Items that can be broken down will not be taken. 
  • Items too large for the trash cart, such as a sofa, stove, hot water heater, mattress, box springs, are considered bulk.  

When to Set Out Bulk

  • Bulk may only be set out between the times of 5:00 p.m. Friday the week before and 7:00 a.m. Monday the week of the owner’s scheduled bulk waste collection.  
  • Due to the size of bulk it takes the City the entire week to pick up all of the bulk items for that week's designated area. 
  • Your bulk week each month will correspond the day of the week your trash is picked up. See the GIS viewer at the bottom of the page to see your address and designated week. 
If Your Trash Day Is...Then Your Bulk Week Will Begin...
MondayThe 1st Monday of each month
TuesdayThe 2nd Monday of each month
WednesdayThe 3rd Monday of each month
ThursdayThe 4th Monday of each month

Where to Set Out Bulk

  • Please place within 3 feet of the street and 6 feet from any obstacle.
  • Avoid setting any items under low-hanging trees or obstacles that will prevent the crane from lifting the item(s).

Separate Bulk Item Piles

  • It is very important to separate bulk trash from bulk brush! Bulk items not properly separated will not be picked up until the resident separates the piles.
  • Please leave a few feet in between bulk brush and bulk trash piles for the crane. 

Setting Bulk Items Out During Out of Cycle Times

  • Bulk items set on the curb outside of designated times will be automatically picked up. as they are proactively discovered. 
  • The resident will be charged on their bill $30 for each additional bulk pick up. 
  • Those that wish to avoid the charge must remove the bulk trash from the public right-of-way and place it out during the assigned week.