Yard Trimmings

Yard trimmings are items which cannot be taken with regular trash, and are too small for brush pickup. Bagged leaves are the exception as they can be taken during brush week. We recommend composting or mulching yard trimmings for the environmental benefits, and for the free fertilizer. However, if you do not wish to compost, the city does provide a solution with free yard trimming drop off at the transfer station.  

Yard Waste
  1. Rules

Rules for Bagged Clippings and Leaves

  • Cannot set out these items with regular trash. 
  • Bagged leaves can be picked up during your brush week. 
  • All yard trimmings can be taken to the transfer station free of charge, however they must be emptied out of their bags into the brush pile. 

Alternative Solutions for Yard Trimmings

  • Grass and leaves can be mulched with a mower to fertilize your lawn. 
  • Yard trimmings can be composted or vermicomposted to produce fertilizer for gardens, lawns, or flower beds.