Cleburne Street Maintenance Program

The City of Cleburne's Street Maintenance Program is a strategic program to cost effectively maintain the entire street network. It uses data to pinpoint the best budgetary investments for our street network. The City not only reinvests and resurfaces a substantial portion of the roadways every year, Public Works also takes the opportunity to renew older utility lines as well. 

Below you can find the historical information related to past years (back to 2019 when the program started in earnest) and those which are planned for the current year. Public Works is working hard to repair, maintain, and create a safe driving environment for everyone!

  1. 2024 Street Program
  2. 2023 Street Program
  3. 2022 Street Program
  4. 2021 Street Program
  5. 2020 Street Program
  6. 2019 Street Program

For 2024, the City of Cleburne is reinvesting $2.5 million into the street network. Approximately 10.5 miles of roadway will be repaired. Since 2019, around 46.8 miles of roadway have been resurfaced with an investment of $15.5 million.  

Roadways Included in the 2024 Street Maintenance Program

(This list is subject to change.)

Amanda Lane
Belvon Place
Bent Creek Drive
Bradley Drive & Court
Brandon Drive
Browning Lane
Buffalo Street
W. Chambers Street
Cherrywood Court
Chester Street
Cindy LaneClear Creek Drive
Cobblestone Lane & Court
Commerce Boulevard
Davis Street
Erie StreetGlenhaven Drive
Hemphill Drive & Court
Hyde Park Boulevard
Karen Court
Keats Drive
Leaning Oak Lane
Linda Lane & Court
Lindsey Lane
Lynnwood Drive
Meadow View DriveMeadows Drive
Misc. Cemetery Roads
S. Murry Drive
Odell Street
Preston Drive & Court
Quail Hollow Drive
Quail Walk Road
Rebecca Street
Ridge Run Street
Robbins Street
Rockcrest Drive
Rose Avenue
Santa Fe Street
Sharron Court
Spell Street
Twin Oaks Court
W. Westhill Drive
N. Wilhite Street

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