Airport Master Plan

Questions and Comments

Comments or questions regarding the Master Plan Update should be directed to Project Manager Scott Nugent with Coffman Associates at 816-524-3500 or to Cleburne Airport Manager Sharlette Wright at 817-641-5456.

Cleburne Regional Airport Master Plan

The current Airport Master Plan was completed in 2010. Both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) suggest updating the Master Plan every 7-10 years. The City’s eligibility to receive State and Federal Capital Improvement grants is contingent upon maintaining and updating an Airport Master Plan. A Master Plan aids in projecting pavement maintenance, future airport growth, the needs of the tenants and aviation community, and many other critical components related to the operation and development of an airport.   

Master Plan Update

In October 2020, City Council approved an agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation – Aviation Division to participate in a State Capital Improvement Grant to Cleburne Regional Airport in the amount of $225,000 to update the current Master Plan.  By accepting this grant, the City provided a 10% match of the grant funds, in the amount of $22,500.  The required funding was included in the Fiscal Year 21 budget.

TXDOT Aviation Division advertised for the consultant selection and Coffman Associates was chosen.

On October 12, 2021, City Council created an Advisory Committee to:

  • Assist and advise city staff and planning firm on the development of the draft Airport Master Plan update.
  • Review and comment on the draft documents brought forward by the planning consultant.
  • Provide recommendations for the removal and/or revision of proposed content, and recommendations for inclusion of new content as necessary. 
  • Work within the framework of the approved scope of services for the project.
  • Complete the review of all materials in a timely manner and provide feedback in accordance with the approved project schedule.

The Advisory Committee consists of:

  • One City Council Member: Mike Mann, Chairman
  • Two Members of the Airport Advisory Board Members: Keith Moreland and Susie Sarchet 

Staff members appointed by the City Manager:

  • Sharlette Wright, Airport Manager of the Cleburne Regional Airport
  • Grady Easdon, Economic Development Manger 
  • Jeremy Hutt, Public Works Director
  • Chris Fuller, Deputy City Manager

Public Information Workshops

Three  Public Information Workshops will be held throughout the study. The primary purpose of these workshops is to allow the public to obtain information regarding the Master Plan, ask questions, and provide input. Each PAC member is invited to attend these meetings and to encourage members of their organization to attend.