Drought Information Center

CURRENT STATUS:  The City is currently under no drought restrictions. Please be advised that year-round, twice-a-week outdoor watering schedules will go into effect on Monday, April 3, 2023. View information about the new watering schedule here.

The National Drought Mitigation Center maintains and publishes the U.S. Drought Monitor seen here. Four levels of drought conditions have been defined as related to the City’s water distribution system:

  • Stage I Drought Conditions - To be initiated by the City Manager when lake levels reach 75% (Water Surface Elevation 729.2’).
  • Stage II Drought Conditions - To be initiated by the City Manager when lake levels reach 61.5% (Water Surface Elevation 726.5’).
  • Stage III Drought Conditions  - To be initiated by the City Manager when lake levels reach 50% (Water Surface Elevation 723.7’).
  • Stage IV Drought Conditions  - To be initiated by the City Manager when lake levels reach 25% (Water Surface Elevation 716.2’) or emergency conditions.

All of these conditions are outlined in the City’s Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan.

  1. Stage I
  2. Stage II
  3. Stage II "Winter"

Stage I Water Restrictions 

(Expired on Aug. 7, 2022)

No unattended watering or irrigation between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Customers must follow the weekly water schedule:

Non-Residential Sites (Apartments, Businesses, Parks, Common Areas)
Tuesday and Friday
6 p.m. to 9 a.m.
Residential Addresses Ending in EVEN Numbers
Wednesday and Saturday6 p.m. to 9 a.m.
Residential Addresses Ending in ODD Numbers
Thursday and Sunday
6 p.m. to 9 a.m.

Note: Watering with irrigation systems is PROHIBITED for all property types on Mondays.


  • Watering of gardens used for growing food crops.
  • Irrigation of new landscape is allowed at any time of day on any day for the initial 30-days provided that the irrigation is limited to the minimum amount necessary for establishment.
  • Watering in of chemicals, including insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides is allowed anytime within 24 hours of application.
  • Irrigation systems may be operated anytime for maintenance and repair purposes, not to exceed 20 minutes per hour per zone.
  • Irrigation using a hand-held hose equipped with a spray nozzle that can be adjusted so water flows only as needed is allowed anytime.
  • The use of water from a reclaimed water system is allowed anytime. A reclaimed water system includes systems in which the primary source is reclaimed water, which may or may not be supplemented from another source during peak demand periods.

Water users are also encouraged to reduce frequent swimming pool draining and refilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why were weekend days chosen as watering days?
Not everyone has an automatic irrigation system. Those who use hoses need some weekend time for watering. If your watering day is Saturday and you want to work in your yard on Saturday morning, try watering Saturday evening after you complete your yard work. Watch for signs of stress before watering.  Just because you can water on a certain day doesn’t mean that you have to water.

Why is irrigation being limited?
The bulk of our public water supply is for residential water use and landscape irrigation can account for more than half of total residential use.  Two day watering schedules have been shown to reduce overall water consumption by up to 33%.

When may I water with a soaker hose or drip irrigation? 
You may water gardens or trees with a soaker hose or drip irrigation at any time on any day.

What is the penalty for violating the watering restrictions?
Violators may be subject to penalties up to $500.

How can I report an irrigation violation?
Community members can report violations by calling 817-645-0977.

Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires all municipal water suppliers to develop and implement a drought contingency plan.  The City follows its Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan, which outlines processes and required measures for four levels of drought conditions – Mild, Moderate, Severe, and Emergency.

Water Conservation

For more information about water conservation and tips to reduce water use at your home please visit WaterIsAwesome.com. Water is Awesome is a campaign to encourage North Texas residents to be more efficient with their water use.  Use it.  Enjoy it.  Just don't waste it.  You can find Indoor Water & Outdoor Water Saving Tips, Weekly Watering advice and even Native and Adaptive Plants.