Traffic Signage Project 

The City of Cleburne, per the direction of City Council, will start an project to improve traffic safety at specific intersections around the City.  Beginning this summer, the City of Cleburne Public Works Department will install additional signage at approximately 90 locations throughout the community.

The intersections that will receive new signage are typically  “T” type intersections, where there is no official traffic control device (stop signs) that assists in guiding motorist actions. 

Uncontrolled Intersection

Although there may be no official traffic control device in these areas today, these intersections still require drivers to treat the intersection as if there were an official traffic control device(s) present; per Texas Transportation Code Sec. 545.151.  A traffic control device is a sign, signal, marking, or device that is used to regulate, warn, or guide traffic.  The video below provides additional information. 

Motorists and pedestrians may be unaware of this requirement and this can create hazardous situations at intersections without traffic control devices. 

This initiative is intended to:

  prevent driver confusion;

  guide traffic through these intersections; 

  assist pedestrian navigation;

  assign the right-of-way;

  and improve the consistency of the signage throughout the City.

The below map shows the approximately 90 locations where new signage is scheduled to be implemented. 

Intersections without Stop Signs