Cleburne Utility Operator Careers 

The City has recently adopted a new pay and promotion structure for all Utility Staff.

This Means 

  • Pay has increased for our utility operators 
  • New promotion opportunities now exist for our utility operators
  • If you get a license, you automatically earn a promotion

The new Pay and Promotion structure allows for career growth within the City and gives you control over your career progression.  

You don’t have to wait for a position to become vacant, you control when you get your next promotion by getting your next level of licensing. if you get a license, you get a promotion and more pay !

The new Pay and Promotion Structure has a focus on Recognition, Retention and Recruitment. 

  • Recognition - Pay increases for existing staff, promotions for our licensed operators, and competitive pay for new hires
  • Retention - The City provides a clearly defined career path with multiple promotions and pay increases based on licensing and tenure; in addition to any applicable merit and C.O.L.A. increases while also paying for our operators’ training and licensing
  • Recruitment – If you already have a license, you will begin your career at that level, and at a pay that matches your licensing  

Be part of a team where you can grow your career as a Utility Operator.

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The City of Cleburne offers a benefits package including:

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Do you want to be have control over your own career?

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