Food Manager and Handler Certification Program

Food Managers Certification

The Texas Administrative Code Title 25 contains the food safety laws for retail food establishments. And within the laws, Rule §228.33 lists the requirements for certified food protection managers:

At minimum, the establishment must have one employee with management responsibilities and the authority to control food preparation and service who is a certified food protection manager.

The original food manager certificate must be posted in a location at the establishment that very visible to customers.  A certified food protection manager shall be present at the food establishment during all hours of operation Food Managers Certificate is good for five years from date of completion.

Food Handlers Certification 

Food handlers with an overview of basic Food Safety and hygiene practices, processes, systems and standards within a food environment to ensure compliance. 

All food employees, except for the certified food protection manager, shall successfully complete an accredited food handler training course. The food establishment shall maintain on premises a certificate of completion of the food handler training course for each food employee.

Food Handlers Certification  covers Food Safety Introduction, Biohazards, Foodborne Illness and Spoilage of Food, Contaminants, Times and Temperatures, Health and Hygiene of Employees, Buying, Handling and Storage of Food, Cleanliness and Sanitization.

Texas Food Handler Card is valid for two years from your completion date.

For more information, visit the state health department's website here.