Minister's Police Academy

MPA LogoMinister’s Police Academy (MPA) is a free 10-week educational program about public safety, designed specifically for pastors and ministers. Classes are held one day per week. Each class is approximately 2.5 hours long.

The free classes include specialized training that will indoctrinate participants into the inner workings of the Cleburne Police Department, and how police officers work with our community and the criminal justice system.

The next session will be held in the fall 2024.

Objectives and Topics

Members of MPA will receive classroom and hands-on training in the areas of human trafficking, church safety, patrol procedures, criminal Investigations, professional standards, recruitment and selection, crime analysis, special investigations, crime scene search, SWAT Team and more. After graduation, participants will ride with a designated officer to finish their training in a field environment scenario. 

To graduate, each participant is required to attend at least eight of the 10 classes that are offered. Participants will also ride with a police officer on patrol and observe the 911 communications center. Apply today using this application form.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and serve in a ministry role at any Cleburne church or place of worship.
  • Background checks will be conducted. No person with a Class A misdemeanor or higher conviction, including a family violence conviction, will be allowed to attend the class. A Class B misdemeanor conviction has a 10-year disqualification period. All disqualifiers shall remain concurrent to and consistent with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s TCIC/TLETS Access Policy (or any additional policy amendments).
  • Applicants will be automatically disqualified if they have any outstanding warrants, pending court dates in either municipal, state or federal courts, or a conviction of the following: issuance of a bad check, public lewdness, theft or any other crime of “moral turpitude”. Applicants will not be allowed to attend the Minister's Police Academy until such warrants are cleared and all cases are adjudicated.

The Cleburne Police Department conducts the Minister’s Police Academy on an as-needed basis. Classes are limited to 20 students. A waiting list will be maintained once the class is full.

Complete the Online Minister's Police Academy Application

You can also request to fill out the application in person at the Cleburne Police Department (302 W. Henderson Street).

Graduation and Volunteer Opportunities

After attending the Minister’s Police Academy, ministers who wish to volunteer their time and skills with the police department will be able to be a part of our Clergy and Police Officer Alliance (CAPA) for the Cleburne Police Department. CAPA is a coalition of pastors who work in partnership with the police department to serve the citizens of Cleburne. CAPA members attend monthly meetings, ride along with police officers and are called in to help citizens in crisis. This program is a unique ministerial opportunity.

 A few of the goals of the CAPA program are to: 

  • Pray for our City, leaders, police officers and special needs.
  • Assist the police in non-traditional roles.
  • Provide calm in crisis situations to prevent an escalation to violence.
  • Assist in domestic situations where a minister is requested or needed.
  • Offer support to victims.
  • Relay factual information back to the neighborhoods using your established networks.
  • Learn emergency and disaster response training through the Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT).

The goal is to have a representative from every church, denomination and faith from the City to become involved in our CAPA program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Who can attend the Minister’s Police Academy? 
    Participants must be at least 18 years of age and live, work or volunteer in Cleburne. A background check is required. More details about eligibility requirements are listed above.
  • How long will the Minister’s Police Academy last?
    The Minister’s Police Academy will last 10 weeks, plus a graduation ceremony.
  • Where will the classes be held?
    Class location will change based on the availability of facilities, but attendees will be kept informed about where the academy will be held each week.
  • Will the Minister’s Police Academy certify me to become a police officer? 
    No. The Minister’s Police Academy is an informative program only, and it does not qualify anyone to become a police officer.
  • Where can I obtain an application for the Minister’s Police Academy?
    Complete the application online here or in person at the Cleburne Police Department (302 W. Henderson Street).
  • Who can I contact for more information regarding the Minister’s Police Academy?
    For more information regarding the Minister's Police Academy, please contact Officer Kerri Abbott at 817-556-8815.