Emergency Response Team

The Cleburne Police Department’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) is comprised of officers forming two units – negotiations and tactical – which work together to preserve life and keep citizens safe during high-risk and crisis situations. ERT is commanded by Lieutenant Brian Davenport and Sergeant Kasey Cowell.

Negotiations Unit

The Negotiations Unit is trained to respond to suicidal and/or barricaded persons, as well as hostage situations. Its members attend a specialized course to become Certified Hostage Negotiators and train together monthly, including instruction-based and scenario training. Negotiators are skilled in the planning and gathering of vital intelligence to relay to the Tactical Unit should it be deployed.

Tactical Unit

The Tactical Unit is trained in the areas of breaching, clearing buildings, team movements, officer extractions and high-risk warrant service. Its members are committed to minimizing risk to both the public and police officers. The members of the Tactical Unit are certified SWAT operators.

LESO Public Disclosure

The Cleburne Police Department participates in the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO/1033) Program. The Department of Defense (DoD) is authorized by 10 USC § 2576a to transfer excess DoD property to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies (LEA) that the Secretary of Defense determines is suitable to be used by such agencies in law enforcement activities.

 In 2016 the Cleburne Police Department acquired a Mine‐Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle through the LESO Program. The MRAP is purpose‐built to provide ballistic protection to its occupants. During the LESO Program annual inventory, the Cleburne Police Department must certify that the vehicle is utilized exclusively for disaster-related emergencies; active shooter scenarios; hostage or other search and rescue operations; or anti-terrorism preparedness, protection, prevention, response, recovery, or relief.

 The Cleburne Police Department may potentially request and acquire any controlled property deemed necessary, contained on the comprehensive list outlined below, from the LESO Program within the following fiscal year. The Cleburne Police Department will notify the public and the Civilian Governing Body (CGB) no later than July 1 of each consecutive year, by providing an updated comprehensive list of controlled property that it may potentially request and acquire in the following fiscal year.

The comprehensive list of potential property is as follows:
Weapons (pistols, shotguns, long rifles), Weapon modification kits, Weapon parts, Training Weapons. Aircraft (Fixed & Rotary), Aircraft parts, Armored Vehicles (MRAPs, Peacekeepers, Armored HMMWVs & NTAVs), Vehicle parts, Weapon-mounted optics & lasers, Handheld Optics & lasers, Night Vision Devices (including thermal equipment), Optical & sighting equipment (range finders, boresights etc), Tactical cargo vehicles (HMMWV, Cargo trucks), Watercraft, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (all robots), Wheel assemblies, Tools (hand, pneumatic & power), Purpose-built Handheld Breaching Equipment, Decontamination Equipment, Computers & peripherals, Camouflage & deception equipment, Radio & Telephone Equipment, Generators, Lighting & observation towers, Riot gear (helmets, face shields, fixed batons over 2 ft., wearable gear & shields), Capability Sets, and Camera Sets.

 More information regarding this program can be found at Texas Department of Public Safety website under the Texas LESO Program.