Animal Services

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The mission of Cleburne Animal Services is to protect and serve the citizens and animals of Cleburne by enforcing state health and safety codes and the local ordinances as they pertain to animals, by educating citizens on animal-related issues, promoting spay and neuter, and by maintaining a clean, efficient, and humane animal shelter.

Cleburne Animal Services is committed to protecting and serving the citizens of Cleburne as well as the animals. The animal services division responds to a variety of calls, including but not limited to: at-large animals, animals in traps, cruelty complaints, and nuisance barking complaints. The shelter provides a temporary safe haven for lost, abandoned, or unwanted animals.

Cleburne Animal Services endeavors to find suitable adopters, reputable rescue groups, and loving homes for these animals. In addition to these services the shelter also provides education services to the public regarding bite prevention, rabies prevention, responsible pet ownership, and proper dog training and behavior.

About Us

City of Cleburne Animal Services Department is a municipal law enforcement agency that provides services to the residents of the City of Cleburne that include, but are not limited to:

  • Animal bite investigation and local rabies control
  • Low Cost Microchip Implant and Registration
  • Public education to promote responsible pet ownership
  • Enforcement of local ordinances and state laws regarding pet ownership
  • Pet adoption programs including offsite events
  • Carcass disposal
  • Animal shelter facility for stray, unwanted animals
  • Animal intake program for City of Cleburne residents only
  • Impound of stray or unwanted animals

City of Cleburne Code of Ordinances - Chapter 91 - Animals

Johnson County Residents

City of Cleburne cannot provide services to residents of Johnson County. For service requests or to file complaints, contact the Johnson County Sheriff's Office at 817-556-6060. Animal Services cannot accept animals from outlying areas not incorporated into the City of Cleburne. For sheltering services of strays or unwanted pets, please contact: Humane Society of North Texas - 817-332-4768.