Rental Housing / Negligent Property Program

rentThe Rental Housing Ordinance regulates leased housing and will work alongside the IPMC and revised Building and Standards ordinance. Many rental properties in Cleburne are well cared for and therefore are unlikely to see a difference in how they currently operate. The program will typically impact only those properties that fail to meet city codes and are not maintained in a safe condition. The new ordinance does not include a rental housing registration fee or program for compliant properties.

The changes introduce protections to ensure safe and healthy housing available for renters. This includes the introduction of the Negligent Property Program (NPP). The process begins with a complaint. Complaints against a leased/let property may be filed by any party. A complaint triggers a code official inspection, which can lead to violations if left uncorrected by the property owner.

A property with three or more violations in a 12-month period shall be deemed a negligent property and be enrolled in the NPP. Properties in the NPP pay a yearly $100 registration fee and properties in the NPP will be re-inspected for the correction of violations. The NPP period shall be a minimum of 24-months from the date the certificate of compliance has been issued, indicating all code violations have been abated.

In addition, it will be criminal to maliciously vandalize a landlord’s property and Code Compliance can issue a fine and citation to the tenant.

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