Warning Notices for Violations

In the complex realm of regulations and codes, it's essential to stay informed about potential violations and the subsequent consequences. This page details what it means if you receive a warning notice for non-compliance. 

  • On the initial inspection, a Code Enforcement Officer or Deputy Marshal identified a violation on your property and created an active case.
  • A written warning notice of violation may be issued to the tenant or property owner, requesting correction of the violation within a specified time.
  • You should correct the violation within the time indicated on the notice or contact Code Compliance to ask for an extension. Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.
  • A Code Enforcement Officer or Deputy Marshal will conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure compliance.
  • Code cases with violations corrected will be closed.
  • Non-compliance or failure to contact Code Compliance will result in a Municipal Court citation and/or City abatement of the violation.
  • Liens will be filed against the property for the cost of all violation abatements. 

Please note: If you have received a warning notice in the past for similar violations, you may receive a citation without additional warnings.