Income Limits and Payment Standards

Income Limits

HUD's Income Limits (Effective June 1, 2022)
1 Person Household:$31,650
2 Person Household:$36,200
3 Person Household:$40,700
4 Person Household$45,200
5 Person Household$48,850
6 Person Household$52,450
7 Person Household$56,050
8 Person Household:$59,700


Payment Standards

A payment standard is Cleburne Housing’s maximum allowable monthly assistance; Payment standards include rent and utilities. HUD determines the fair market rent (FMR) for a moderately priced unit in the area; Cleburne Housing sets the payment standards based on FMR.  If a family rents over the payment standard they will be required to pay the additional amount; however they may not pay more than 40% of their adjusted monthly income for rent. 

Effective Jan. 1, 2023,  payment standards are divided by zip codes: 

 ZIP CODE: 76031 
1 Bedroom$1,020
2 Bedroom$1,200
3 Bedroom$1,590
4 Bedroom$1,970
 ZIP CODE: 76033 
 1 Bedroom$1,090
 2 Bedroom$1,280
 3 Bedroom$1,690
 4 Bedroom$2,100
 ZIP CODE: 76058* 
 1 Bedroom$1,140
 2 Bedroom$1,350
 3 Bedroom$1,790
 4 Bedroom$2,210
 *Covers Cypress Creek Apartments & Mariposa Senior Community only 
 Since Payment Standards are based on zip code area, CHA cannot determine how much the rent will be subsidized until the applicant has chosen a unit. 

Occupancy Standards

Occupancy standards are established to ensure that units are occupied by families of the appropriate size. HUD regulations provide for the smallest number of bedrooms needed to house a family without overcrowding the unit. Participant families are allowed one bedroom for each two persons regardless of age/gender:

Voucher Size
Minimum Persons 
in Household
Maximum Persons 
in Household