Airport Development

Are you looking for a new location for your aviation business? Cleburne Regional Airport (KCPT) is a city-owned, public-use airport located right outside of Fort Worth. Being an non-towered airport south of DFW’s “Bravo” airspace, the facility is an ideal, easy in-and-out stop for corporate jet, helicopter, and general aviation aircraft visitors and guests.  

With relatively low traffic compared to the DFW Metroplex and quick big city access, it’s no surprise that pilots and businesses are finding their way to Cleburne.

More Reasons to Love Cleburne Regional Airport

  1. Ample Land for Continued Growth
    The airport has land available to suit small or large aviation industries/companies! Utilize our affordable unimproved land rates and our reasonable lease terms while space allows.
  2. Proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
    There’s easy access to the highway, so we’re only a 30-minute drive to Fort Worth and less than an hour to Dallas.
  3. Easy Operations and No Big Fees to Fuss About 
    We rarely have wait times, and there is no control tower (pilot-controlled airspace). You’ll have no landing fees, and the first three nights are free with fuel purchase.
  4. Affordable Fuel Prices 
    Our fuel prices are always below the average DFW-area price. We have full service and self-serve fuel available 24/7.
  5. Maintenance Facilities On Site 
    We have jet maintenance on grounds and a free waste oil dump receptacle available during operation hours.

Airport Layout Plan

A graphic representation of the Airport Development Review Process Flowchart is available below.

Phase 1  (1 to 4 Weeks)

  • Determine scope of development and desired activity.
    • Action: Obtain Airport Development Package.
  • Identify appropriate site(s) for development needs.
    • Action: Schedule appointment with Airport Staff to discuss site(s).
  • Developer prepares Design Concept Plan for proposed development.
    • Action: (1) Identify site and characteristics; (2) identify contractor; (3) meet with Airport, Engineering, Building Inspections, and the Fire Department to obtain necessary information to obtain a building permit. Submit Application for Hangar Development to Airport staff.
    • Application for Hangar Development will terminate after 120 days of lease agreement negotiation inactivity.
  • Complete FAA requirements for development approval (up to 45 days for FAA to approve).

Phase 2  (4 to 8 Weeks)

  • Complete lease negotiation and obtain necessary surveys and legal description (drainage elevations).
  • Staff submits Draft lease to City Attorney's Office for review.
  • Draft lease and development proposal reviewed and approved by Airport Advisory Board.
  • Developer signs two original leases and provides Survey and Legal Description prior to City Council approval.
  • City Council Agenda date established.
  • Developer applies for a Building Permit upon Council approval of lease agreement.

Phase 3  (14 to 32 Weeks)

  • Applicant and developer submit application materials and required information as discussed in the initial meeting with Development Team.
  • Initial applicant review is completed in 10-20 business days. Applicant is notified if review is complete or if application needs revisions.
  • Application is accepted as submitted.
  • Building permit is issued. Must have a pre-construction meeting with Airport staff before moving dirt.
    • #20 T-Pole/Saw Service
    • #13 Plumbing
      Rough/Water & Sewer
    • #3 Foundation - A form survey is required.
    • #43 Seconds inspection
    • #23 Temp Power; #17 Temp Gas; #43 Temp Utilities (Power & Gas)
  • Final inspection is scheduled when all construction is complete.
  • All required forms for a Certificate of Occupancy are submitted and Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

Airport Development Review Process

We are always excited to help interested developers however we can to facilitate your decision to build in Cleburne. Feel free to reach out if there is anything we can do for you.