Building Inspections

We have changed our processes for Building Inspections and Permitting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Building Inspections is a division of the City of Cleburne. This division performs ordinance enforcement in the areas of both residential and commercial construction. Building Inspections is responsible for the inspection of buildings and structures during construction to ensure compliance with approved plans and all governing building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, municipal and state codes. Building Inspections also makes routine inspections of multi-family apartments and motel/hotels for code compliance.

Both new and remodel work is inspected to make sure compliance to all adopted codes are met. Construction permits are required, and both plans reviewed and permits are issued by the division. Emergency inspections, such as electrical service change, reconnect, gas test, water line, sewer line and on-site sewage facilities, will be same day.

Requests for Inspections

All inspection requests must be called in before midnight for next-day inspection. When calling in an inspection request, you must provide: address, permit number, name and contact number of contractor, type of inspection, and your name.

Cancellations & Re-Inspections

Call our hotline number for inspections or to cancel an inspection request. To cancel an inspection request, leave the above information and give reason for cancellation. All cancellations must be received before 8 a.m. All re-inspection requests will need to be called into the hotline number.