Code Compliance Division

Code Enforcement Officers and Deputy Marshals enforce ordinances and laws established to maintain the health, safety, environment and/or general well-being of our community.

Common Code Violations

Below are some of common code violations. Contacts for addressing other neighborhood concerns are given on our resources page.

  • High grass and weeds (8 inches or taller)
  • Junked vehicles (unregistered/inoperable)
  • Abandoned vehicles on roadway (unregistered/inoperable)
  • Accumulation of rubbish and garbage
  • Bulk trash violation
  • Dilapidated / dangerous structures (Handled by Fire Marshal)
  • Illegal dumping
  • Outdoor storage (furniture, appliances, equipment, building materials, etc.)
  • Residential parking violation (no trailers or commercial vehicles)
  • Illegal parking (facing traffic, blocking driveway, fire lane, blocking dumpster)
  • View obstructions (driver's line of sight)
  • Address numbers missing or unreadable
  • Stagnant water and swimming pools
  • Improper use of trash cart
  • Dead trees
  • Parking in yard (on unimproved surface)
  • Unsanitary conditions (discharge of sewer)
  • Living in a recreational vehicle
  • Illegal home business
  • Improper storage of RVs and boats
  • Abandoned/Dilapidated signs
  • Illegal signs (bandit signs, blade flags, portable)
  • Zoning violations
  • Garage sale violations

Report a Violation

To report a possible code violation or concern, contact the Code Compliance Division Office at (817) 645-0977, email [email protected] or use the online report system to log your concern.

Please provide the following information:

  • Address of the possible violation
  • A description of the possible violation
  • Your name, phone number or email if you wish to be contacted regarding the status of the complaint

Warning Notices

If you receive a warning notice, here is what that means:

  • On the first inspection, a Code Enforcement Officer or Deputy Marshal will confirm a violation exists.
  • A written WARNING notice of violation may be issued to the tenants or property owner, requesting abatement of the violation within a specified time.
  • YOU should abate the violation within the time indicated on the notice.
  • A follow-up inspection will be conducted by a Code Enforcement Officer or Deputy Marshal to ensure compliance.
  • Cases with violations corrected will be closed.
  • Non compliance or failure to contact the Code Compliance Division will result in a Municipal Court citation and/or City abatement of the violation.
Please note: If you have received a warning notice in the past, you may receive a citation for similar violations without additional warnings.