How to Appear Before Council

Anyone wishing to speak for or against issues on the council agenda must sign in as well as complete a Request to Speak card, identifying the item on the agenda they wish to address prior to the council meeting. Only those who have turned in a card to the city secretary will be allowed to speak. The cards and register are available at the entrance of the Council Chambers prior to each council meeting.

Appearance cards are in two colors:
  • Request to Speak
    • To register your position in favor or against an item before council
    • To address the council on a topic of interest not posted on the agenda
  • Written Comments Only
    • To comment on an item before the city council or that you wish the City Council to consider in the future

Appearance Procedures

  • Only one speaker may address the council at a time.
  • Each speaker must come to the podium, sign the register sheet, and identify himself by name and address for council records. At this time, speak into the microphone so that official minutes can reflect your appearance.
  • The proponent and opponent of an issue will be allowed 10 minutes for presentations; all other speakers for or against will be allowed five minutes. The proponent will be allowed five minutes for rebuttal. Time will be regulated by a stopwatch.
  • If you desire an item be considered on the council agenda, a written request must be made to the City Secretary's Office no later than 14 days prior to the council meeting. At that time, it will be determined whether City Council action is necessary or if the item should be handled by city staff.
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