Municipal Court

law books and gavel

Focus and Function

The Municipal Court of Record strives to:

  • Ensure that all who appear before our court are treated with dignity and respect
  • Serve the community through the promotion of justice
  • Provide an impartial forum for the resolution of all cases brought before the Court

Court Staff & Responsibilities

The Municipal Court of Record has jurisdiction over Class C misdemeanor offenses issued in the City limits of Cleburne by:

  • City Police officers
  • Animal Control officers
  • Code Enforcement officers
  • City Fire Marshal
Clerks are not licensed attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. The clerk's office is responsible for processing clerical work of the Municipal Court of Record, as well as administrative support to the Municipal Court Judge, collects fines, fees, & state court costs, schedules court hearings, maintains records relating to court proceedings, & reports various statistical data to the state.

​Legal Notice

Please note that nothing from the Cleburne Municipal Court website should be considered legal advice.

To enter a plea, please download the Ticket Instructions document and bring a completed physical copy to the Municipal Court. DO NOT EMAIL A COMPLETED FORM TO COURT STAFF.

For a payment plan or alternative means, please download the Financial Application and submit a physical copy to the Municipal Court. DO NOT EMAIL A COMPLETED FORM TO COURT STAFF.

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