Human Resources

The City of Cleburne's Human Resources Department firmly believes that people come first. Our Human Resources department partners with employees and management in the successful implementation of the following functions:

  • Employee relations
  • Personnel policy development and enforcement
  • Recruitment
  • Employee development
  • Benefit Programs
  • Risk Management
  • Civil Services
  • Volunteers

The Human Resources Department follows through with this commitment by providing interested applicants and employees with optimal employment and benefit services. Our goals are to ensure that properly qualified individuals are recruited, developed, and retained. We assist employees with all questions, issues, and work to assure a safe, productive, and pleasant work place.

A Great Place to Work

The City of Cleburne is a fantastic organization to work for, valuing both its customers and employees. Employment with the City of Cleburne offers opportunities for personal and professional growth in a dynamic environment. The City of Cleburne is searching for talented and motivated individuals who are committed to bettering themselves, their city, and, most of all, their fellow citizens.

Equal Employment Opportunity

It is the City of Cleburne’s policy to provide equal employment opportunity through recruitment, selection, retention, and advancement in all job classifications, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disability, and to ensure that all matters affecting employees’ terms and conditions of employment are administered in a manner consistent with applicable federal, state, and local law. Click here for the EEO Utilization Report.