Lost and Found Pets

Here's what to do when you lose or find a pet:

  1. Check with all area animal shelters first. Animal Services can be reached at 817-556-8895.
  2. Check with local veterinarians.
  3. Post your pet on Finding Rover, and Pawboost - Lost and Found Pets
  4. Post fliers with a photo of the pet in all available locations.
  5. Check with the animal shelter periodically, and make sure to visit in person. You know your pet best, and sometimes the way you would describe your pet is not always how others would describe it.
  6. Remember to notify Animal Services if you have found your pet or have located the owner of the pet you have.
  7. Use social media. Facebook has many pages dedicated to lost and found pets. Cleburne Animal Services has a facebook page and you may post a lost or found pet. CAS tries very hard to post all found pets on our Lost/Found pets album on FB but that is not always 100% reliable. Come into the shelter and check!
You can also report a lost or found pet by email at [email protected]

Gallery of Found Strays