Industrial Pretreatment

The City of Cleburne Industrial Pretreatment Program was incorporated into our Wastewater Treatment Department with the approval of the EPA and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in 1983.

Industries Permitted

Six industries were originally permitted with the city, and several industries have been added and others removed since the start of the program. Of the twelve currently permitted industries, six are categorical users and six are significant industrial users.


Each industry must submit monthly discharge monitoring reports which include their discharge flows, testing results from their permitted outfall, and in some cases production information. These results must be evaluated to determine whether the industry is meeting their permitted wastewater effluent discharge limits.

Treatment Charges

These industries are charged for industrial wastewater treatment based on the volume of discharge and their monthly testing results of BOD, TDS, and TSS. This is done to assure that industrial waste discharges pay their proportional share of loading capacity of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, as per city ordinance.

Annual Inspections

Each industry is inspected annually by the City of Cleburne to ensure compliance with all EPA and TCEQ pretreatment regulations. The inspection also provides the industries an opportunity to highlight other pollution prevention programs that the business has in place.