Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water Treatment

The City's water supply has a Superior rating from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The system is inspected annually by the state. To meet its needs, Cleburne has rights to 5.14 million gallons of water a day (MGD) from Lake Pat Cleburne, 4.73 MGD from Lake Aquilla, and water rights to 8.66 MGD from Lake Whitney. Additionally, seven wells, with a total capacity of two million gallons daily, are available as water sources.

The Water Treatment Plant is capable of treating 20 million gallons a day. Peak demand for treatment is approximately 13.5 million gallons, normally required in the months of August and September.

Lake Aquilla water is delivered to either Lake Pat Cleburne or directly into the treatment plant via the Aquilla pump station and Barkman Pipeline. The city has four elevated tanks and additional water mains which help to serve the Industrial Park area of town.

Wastewater (Sewage) Treatment

The city's current wastewater treatment process consists of two single stage nitrification plants with a capacity of 7.5 million gallons per day followed by a dechlorination facility for direct discharge. Our effluent is regulated by EPA and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. It is treated for reuse and we are permitted to discharge into Buffalo Creek. Currently, we provide approximately two million gallons daily to industrial customers.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant conducts various tests as required by its EPA and TCEQ permits. Nine lift stations are monitored daily to ensure the uninterrupted flow of wastewater throughout the city's sanitary sewer system. Plant personnel are responsible for monitoring and adjusting chemical dosages for the reuse water supply.

The city processes our sludge for beneficial use at land application sites.