Homework Help

Need help with homework? The library has plenty to offer. We have computers with Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher. You can print from the library computers (cost per page). Be sure to have your parent sign the Internet agreement the first time you use the library computers.

Looking for a book? Check out the kids catalog.

Homework Resources

  • TexShare Database - The Texshare databases are an awesome group of resources. They're available to all Texans through your local library. You'll need a password (ask at the Cleburne library) to access it. Once there, however, you'll find lots of great study aids. There are academic journals for high school and college papers. Kids can also search databases for their papers. NetLibrary has hundreds of free books available to read online. You can also search thousands of books at once, which is great for finding information on a more obscure topic. There's are encyclopedias, ancestry research, health information, maps, etc.


Use these pages to find information on a wide range of topics.

  • The Exploratorium - From the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco, check out the changing exhibits.
  • Fact Monster - This is another encyclopedia-like compilation of all kinds of info, and great for research projects. Did you know that the original "Seven Wonders" was likely compiled in the 5th century BC (about 2,500 years ago)? There is a new list that came out in 2007, voted on by more than 100 million people. Check out the site to find out what this generation would call the greatest wonders of the world.
  • Funology - Check out fun stuff to do, including weird science, jokes and riddles, boredom busters, magic tricks, wacky facts, and more.
  • How Stuff Works - Check out games, puzzles, and quizzes, plus fascinating info on some of the latest science. Did you hear about the the trove of animal fossils that was recently discovered under Los Angeles? Or what about electrical eels to power your house? Read about it here.
  • InfoPlease - This is an encyclopedia-like database of articles and information on current information and trends; great for a research project!
  • Multnomah County Library Homework Center - This library has many in-depth and well-organized links on many topics.
  • National Geographic Kids - Access animals, games, activities, stories, and more that you'd expect to see in the magazine of the same name.
  • Quiz Hub - Take fun quizzes in all subjects. Also, check links to other quizzes, including practice quizzes for the TAKS.
  • Smithsonian - Check out the wide variety of online exhibits from the National Museum of Natural History.


  • Animal Planet - Fun and interesting info on pets and wild animals, including some TV shows.


  • Kids World - From the Minneapolis Institute of Art, play with art, textures, color, and more.


  • Amazing Space - View great pictures, current info, homework help, and more.
  • Hubble Site - This site is full of info on the night sky, pics of the universe, and more.
  • Starchild - Access information about the solar system for kids.


  • Hyperhistory - Access more than 2,000 files covering 3,000 years of world history.


  • Cool Science for Curious Kids - From the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, play games and discover how to use the scientific method to explore your world.
  • Everyday Mysteries - View fun science facts from the Library of Congress. Ever wonder why a camel has a hump? Can you fry an egg on the sidewalk? How high can a nine-banded armadillo jump?
  • The Microbe Zoo - Microbes are everywhere! Discover what microbes live in the sea, in space, on animals,and more.
  • Neuroscience for Kids - This is for the neuroscientist in all of us; everything you ever wanted to know about the brain.
  • Periodic Table of the Elements - From Los Alamos National Laboratory's Chemistry Division, this is a resource for elementary, middle school, and high school students.