Facility Amenities

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The full size indoor basketball court at Booker T. Washington Recreation Center is generally open for full or half court basketball play. It is available for basketball or volleyball rental. 
Fitness classes generally take place in the Gymnasium.

Half Court $25 per hour 
Full Court $40 per hour 

Special Events  
$100 per hour 
$100 deposit 
$60 additional per hour for after hour rental
$35 per hour Kitchen 

Banquet Hall and Kitchen

Rent our Banquet Hall out for a Birthday Party, Baby shower or your next special event.You can include our full size industrial kitchen or just choose to use the hall. It can hold up to 75 people and we set up the chairs and tables the way you request. 

Banquet Hall- $35 per hour 
Banquet Hall/ Kitchen- $45 per hour 
Deposit for Banquet Hall- $100
Deposit for Banquet Hall and Kitchen- $200
After Hours- Additional $25 per hour 

Computer Lab Learning Center 

Includes 12 computers as well as a presenters computer. The computer Lab is open to all members or you can purchase a day pass to use it for the day.