Warrants and Bonds

When a person is arrested for an outstanding warrant, he or she may be able to post a cash bond, surety bond or appearance bond to secure a release from jail while awaiting a hearing on the case. 

Arrest warrants are public information. Find out how to take care of unpaid tickets below.

Taking Care of Warrants

The City of Cleburne and local law enforcement agencies throughout the State make it a priority to collect debt owed for outstanding warrants. 

If you think you have outstanding warrants or delinquent citations, contact the Cleburne Municipal Court immediately. There's no reason to go to jail when payment plans are available through our collection agency, MVBA, as well as alternative means to satisfy your warrant through the municipal court.  The court will work with you to get these matters resolved!

Any individual appearing for the court at 303 W. Henderson St., and making a good faith effort to resolve outstanding warrants will be afforded safe harbor and not subject to arrest.  Additionally, if a judgment is rendered and someone is unable to pay, that individual may request the Judge to assess the ability to pay and offer alternative means to satisfy the judgment. 

It is strongly advised to contact the Cleburne Municipal Court of Record and take care of your arrest warrants so you don't go to jail!

Any citizen may come forward immediately to settle their debt and pay their fine without further penalties at:
303 W. Henderson St.
Cleburne, Texas 76033

For payment plans you can contact:
McCreary, Veselka, Bragg and Allen, Attorneys at Law (M.V.B.A.) at 1-866-955-5455.

You can also access the MVBA website to check on your warrants.

Warrants List

Information on this page contains the names of individuals with outstanding Class "C" Misdemeanor warrants. This page is only a request of information from the public.

None of the subjects contained on this page should be detained, held or arrested based solely on this information. All arrests must be confirmed through law enforcement agencies. The subjects listed should be arrested by licensed Texas Peace Officers after proper warrant confirmation. 

Please note: The Active Warrant List is updated on a regular basis to ensure that the most "up to date information" is provided to the public. (Revised March 1, 2019)

View our Active Warrant List here
 Pay for a warrant here.