Candidate Resources

The following information outlines the qualifications of an elected officer of the City, and resources are provided for candidates running for office.

Qualifications for Elected Officials

(Section 3.4, City of Cleburne Charter)

  • Shall possess the qualifications of an elector; and
  • Shall be a citizen of the United States; and
  • Shall be a resident of the City for at least twelve (12) months prior to Election Day; and
  • Shall not be in arrears in the payment of any taxes or other liability due the City

Terms of City Council

(Section 3.2, City of Cleburne Charter)

  • The Council and Mayor shall hold office two (2) years, respectively and until their successors are elected and have been qualified.
  • All general elections for mayor and city council members shall be held on such date as is prescribed by State Law and the City Charter not in conflict herewith. Two (2) councilmembers and a mayor shall be elected for a two (2) year term each even-numbered year. Two (2) councilmembers shall be elected for a two (2) year term each odd-numbered year.
  • The City shall be divided into districts, with councilmembers elected from their respective districts, and the mayor elected at-large.

Any person desiring to have his or her name placed upon the official ballot for any election may do so by filing an Application for a Place on the Ballot with the City Secretary during the designated filing period.

2023 Special Election

Applications for placement on the November 7, 2023 ballot may be filed during the following dates and times:

  • July 26, 2023 thru Sept. 6, 2023, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The last day to withdraw as a candidate is September 11, 2023, 5:00 pm. Drawing for place on the ballot will be held on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at 9:00 am at City Hall, 10 N. Robinson St.

Candidate applications may be turned into City Hall, emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 817-556-8848 by the deadline. 

See the official notices of deadline to file and drawing on the Main Election Page.

Candidate Packet

View the Candidate Pre-Filing Packet here.

Full candidate packet and resources are as follows:

Campaign Finance Reporting Due Dates

  • First Report Due (30th day before election):  Oct. 10, 2023
  • Second Report Due (8th day before election):  Oct. 30, 2023
  • If filed modified reporting and exceed $1,010 in receipt/expenses:  Immediately 
  • Semiannual Report Due:  Jan. 16, 2024 (only if C/OH-FR has not been filed following election)
  • Semiannual Report Due:  July 15, 2024 (only if C/OH-FR has not been filed following election)