Onboard Cletran

Pickup Window

Inside bus rear2_thumb.jpgWhen scheduling a ride, the scheduler will give you an estimated pick up time. The driver may arrive fifteen (15) minutes before or after your estimated pickup time and still be considered "on time". Please be ready to go in a place where you can see or hear the vehicle fifteen (15) minutes prior to your scheduled time.

Wait Time

When a driver arrives at the pickup location, they will wait seven minutes for the passenger before leaving the stop. If the passenger does not appear within the seven minutes, the passenger will receive a no-show. The driver will not leave if the passenger is in their sight.

Loading Assistance

CCT drivers may not enter your home or other buildings to assist you. The drivers are responsible for the safe loading, securing, and unloading of passengers. If you need help beyond what the drivers are allowed to perform, you need to arrange for a PCA (personal care attendant) to accompany and assist you. If you require assistance on or off the bus please let the driver know what they can do to assist you.


Groceries and packages are limited to what the passenger can safely hold on their lap during transport. They may not be placed on the floor of the vehicle or left unattended at any time. Please limit bags to five - 10 lb. bags. We recommend utilizing the canvas bags or purchasing a travel cart.


  • Passengers who have health-related open sores and wounds need to ensure that all sores and wounds are properly covered.
  • Passengers who are extremely ill, have contagious diseases or are severely injured may not be transported. CCT drivers are not emergency medical personnel.
  • CCT reserves the right to refuse service to any passenger. Passengers must observe all CCT rules and regulations. Profanity and abusive conduct will not be tolerated and could result in termination or suspension of service.
  • Intoxicated passengers who are not a direct threat to the driver, other passengers or themselves will be allowed to ride at the driver's discretion.


Consuming food or drink is not permitted on the bus at any time. You may transport sealed containers. Smoking is not permitted on any City/County Transportation vehicle.