Police Organizational Chart

This page provides a transparent overview of our dedicated law enforcement team's structure and roles. At the top of the chart, you'll find our Chief of Police, who leads and guides the department with expertise and vision. Directly under the chief are the assistant chiefs. One is in charge of operations, the other is in charge of support.

The Operation Division covers: patrol, traffic, emergency response (SWAT), reserve force and code compliance. Under the Support Division, you'll find professional standards, technical services and communications, criminal investigations and crime scene techs, community services, records and accreditation, and animal services.

The chart showcases the divisions and units that make up our police force, including Patrol, Investigations, Special Operations, and Support Services.

Each division plays a vital role in maintaining public safety, preventing crime and providing services to our community. By visualizing our organizational structure, we aim to enhance communication, foster accountability and promote a better understanding of how our dedicated officers work together to protect and serve the residents of Cleburne.

Visual Organizational Chart

Police Organizational Chart 2024