Solicitor Permits

City Council updated the city's ordinance for our Solicitors, Canvassers and Handbill Distributors in August 2021.

Food trucks are no longer required to purchase solicitor permits and surety bonds are no longer required. Solicitor Permits will now be good for one year from date of purchase.

$50 (single agent, employee or volunteer)    |  $10 (each additional agent, employee or volunteer)

Application Requirements

  • Valid Driver's License 
  • 2- 1.5 x 1.5 inch photos- head and shoulders
  • Work Credentials-Copy of work ID or Employee letter
  • Proof of Valid Vehicle Insurance
  • If applicant is a minor, a notarized parental consent form or letter (not PD provided) 
  • Proof of Non-Profit Organization if applicable

The Solicitor's, Canvassers and Handbill Distribution permit application can be found here.