Comprehensive Planning: Master Plans

Cleburne residents and their City Council are committed to managing growth through a focused and comprehensive planning process. This ongoing effort has produced several plans with different areas of focus and recommendations targeted to the specific needs of Cleburne. These documents have been adopted by City Council for the purpose of creating and guiding Council’s growth policies and decision-making. They also form the basis and justification for spending funds on shared community infrastructure such as roads and parks. 

Though they are distinct, these plans all “talk” to each other by aligning City services with the market demand of residents and businesses to locate in Cleburne. They are also connected through the City’s commitment to a transparent public process, in which Cleburne citizens and businesses are invited to participate in shaping the future of their community. In this way, the comprehensive planning process is a compilation of community plans that reflect the vision and character of Cleburne!

Comp Plan PictureView the The Cleburne Comprehensive Plan 2014
Downtown Plan Picturemaster plan cover photo