Cleburne Regional Airport

Global Express on apron in front of hangar

Why choose KCPT for your travels?

Our airport, equipped with a paved 5700' runway is an ideal, easy in-and-out stop for jet, helicopter, and general aircraft visitors. With relatively low traffic compared to DFW metroplex and a travel time of less than an hour to get to Fort Worth via Chisolm Trail Parkway, it's no surprise that more and more pilots are starting to find their way to Cleburne Regional. 

In addition to our self-serve fueling stations for Avgas and Jet A, we also provide 24/7 Avgas and Jet A full-service at pilot's request.

Our airport is non-towered with a variety of amenities including:

  • Fenced airport perimeter with security cameras active 24/7
  • Full runway and taxiway lighting, PAPI, localizer and RNAV approaches in place for safe accessibility, regardless of weather conditions
  • A full-service FBO with call-outs available afterhours, at any hours
  • Complimentary Crew Cars available upon request
  • South of Class BRAVO Airspace
  • Complimentary ice, coffee, popcorn, and bottled water
  • Catering services to fit any need
  • Avfuel Avtrip reward points
  • Half-hour trip to Fort Worth and under an hour away from the Cowboy's stadium in Arlington
  • Aircraft Rental, maintenance and flight schools on-site
Aerial View of Airport
  1. Flight Instructors
  2. Maintenance
  3. Rentals

Nationwide Aviation - Financing Options Available


Robert Sirot - CFI/CFII


Anne-Marie Frattini - CFI/CFII


Lee Howell - CFI/CFII


Cameron Shayman - CFI/CFII

[email protected]

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