Global Express on apron in front of hangar
  • Less than one hour to Cowboys' Stadium in Arlington
  • South of Class BRAVO Airspace
  • No landing fees
  • RNAV / GPS Approach 15/33 - LOC/DME 15
  • 5700-foot by 100-foot Runway - RH Runway 15
  • Enterprise rental cars (limo service available)
  • Full-service Jet A - 24-hour self-serve 100LL and Jet A
  • Catering available
  • Great fuel prices
  • Complimentary ice, coffee, popcorn, bottled water
  • Unicom 122.8
  • Warm Texas hospitality
  • Epic fuel and Bravo Rewards
Cleburne Regional Airport has 24-hour self-service Avgas and Jet A. Full-service Jet A is available, over wing and single point. We accept all major credit cards, contract fuel cards and remain competitive. For current fuel pricing please visit AirNav.