What are Roadway Impact Fees?

A roadway impact fee is a charge imposed against new development to pay for the off-site construction or expansion of roadway facilities that are necessitated by and benefit the new development. These roadway facilities may be adjacent to the new development or within the same service area as the new development.

Roadway impact fees are assessed in proportion to the anticipated traffic generated on roadway facilities by the new development in the service area. In other words, impact fees are assessed as a proportion of the development’s impact on the system.

For roadway facilities, a service area is limited to an area within the corporate boundaries of the political subdivision and shall not exceed six miles.

For the facilitation of roadway impact fees, the City of Cleburne is divided into nine service areas.

Roadway impact fees collected in a service area may only be expended in that service area.

A map of Cleburne’s nine service areas is available below:

Roadway Service Area Map

Impact fees may not be enacted or imposed in the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) for roadway facilities.

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