What is a sealed bid?

A sealed bid is defined as the attempt to obtain best pricing or value through competition. It is required for purchases of $50,000 and up. The bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope at the appointed place of opening, prior to the appointed time of opening. The bid must be submitted on provided documents and be signed by an appropriate authority within the bidder’s company, authorized to commit the vendor to terms and conditions contained within the bid packet. Bids arriving after the appointed time shall be returned unopened.

For any purchase within a fiscal year that has an anticipated, aggregate total greater than $50,000, the purchasing department will conduct the solicitation for sealed bids (as required by law). Sealed bids are advertised in the Cleburne Times Review and on the City website and must be submitted in accordance with bid packet specifications.

All purchases are made through the appropriate competitive bid process in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and Local statutes, as well as City of Cleburne purchasing policy. Failure to follow specifications or submit the bid at the appropriate time and place will result in non-consideration of the bid. Falsifying bid documents is a serious violation and shall result in vendor suspension from doing business with the City.

 City Council approves all purchases (one-time or contract) for goods and services above $50,000.

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