What are the most common code violations?

The Cleburne Marshal's Office may enforce all City Ordinances and State laws. The most common code violations are:

  • High grass and weeds (8 inches or taller)
  • Junked vehicle on private property (unregistered/inoperable)
  • Abandoned vehicle on roadway (unregistered/inoperable)
  • Accumulation of rubbish and garbage (includes any rubbish and garbage stored in a pickup or trailer)
  • Bulk trash violation
  • Dilapidated / dangerous structures
  • Illegal dumping (violators may be arrested for certain offenses)
  • Outdoor storage (furniture, appliances, equipment, building materials, etc.)
  • Trailer or commercial vehicle parked in residential area (may only park temporarily to load or unload)
  • Garage sale violations
  • Parked facing traffic
  • Parked blocking a driveway / mailbox / dumpster
  • Obstructing a street / alley / sidewalk
  • Parked in a fire lane or near fire hydrant
  • View obstructions for drivers (most common are trees/bushes/hedges at intersections)
  • Address numbers missing or unreadable
  • Stagnant water in swimming pools, tires, buckets or other containers
  • Improper fencing around swimming pool 
  • Improper use of trash cart (leaving cart at the roadway, failing to bag and secure all contents in the cart)
  • Destroy, deface or impair the premises or structure of a rental housing unit
  • Dead or diseased trees
  • Parking in yard (on unimproved surface)
  • Unsanitary conditions (discharge of sewer, etc.)
  • Living in an RV
  • Illegal home business
  • Improper storage of RVs and boats
  • Abandoned/Dilapidated signs
  • Illegal signs (blade flags, temporary, portable)
  • Building code violations (no building permit for work)
  • Zoning violations (improper use of a property, no certificate of occupancy, etc.)

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