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New Streetlight Request Form

  1. Submit for a New Streetlight 

    Your name, telephone number, location of requested street light, and nearest cross streets are required should questions arise. Requested location must be within the City of Cleburne Boundaries. The exact reported location/site address is required.

    NOTE:  A new city streetlight cannot be placed within 600' feet of an existing Streetlight.

    OTHER OPTIONS:  You can contact an electrician to install a private security light and it will run off your existing electric service. Unfortunately, Oncor will no longer install private "Guard Lights" due to deregulation.  

    GUARD LIGHTS:  If you have an existing "Guard Light" Oncor will continue to maintain them.  If your Oncor installed "Guard Light" is not working properly you can contact Oncor on their website and put in a repair request at

    Please use one form per location request.



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