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Summer Reading Club Registration

  1. 2020 Summer Reading Club Registration- Babies through Adults!

    Enter the information for EVERY PERSON in the family who will be participating. Remember, the Summer Reading Club is open for everyone---Babies, Preschoolers, Elementary, Teens, and Adults! Note that babies and toddlers (35 months and younger) participate in the Rubber Ducky Club and have different language development activities to do instead of being read to for 20 minutes each day. If your child is turning 3 years old during May, June, or July, you may wish to register him/her as a Preschooler instead.

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    Go to a VOLUNTEER (or staff person) who is helping with registration to get your Reading Logs, the instructions for how the Summer Reading Club works, and your calendars of the fun programs this summer!

  5. Enter the total # of people in the form of a number (e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc.). Max is 14. INCLUDE EVERYONE, including babies and adults!

  6. Participating Family Members

    Specify the total number of participants in your family in the field above, and then register each one below.

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