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Special Event Permit


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  • Step One

    1. Event Information
      So that we may assist you in the planning process for a Special Event which is more than one (1) month away, please provide the following information. Additional information and a final application will be needed as the event date approaches.
    2. Be specific. Include overarching purpose of event. Describe route if an event is planned on public streets. What age range do you expect for your participants? List any other information that would be helpful in understanding the purpose and desired outcome of the event.
    3. Tents
      The size and location(s) of tents, canopies, or other membrane structures must be indicated on the site plan. A Certificate of Flame Resistance for tents, canopies, or other membrane structures larger than 200 square feet must be provided no later than 10 business days before event for permit approval.
    4. Will tents be used in conjunction with the event?
    5. Will the tent(s) have sides?
    6. Other Event Items
    7. Will signage be used in conjuction with the event?
      If yes, the size and location(s) of the signage must be indicated on the site plan.
        1. Please mark all items that will be part of this event:
        2. If provided by generators, please list quantity and sizes.
        3. Will food and/or beverages be sold?
          If yes, food vendor permits must be obtained from the Health Department at 817-556-8819. Food vendors' Certificates of Insurance, including Product Liability, must be provided no later than 10 business days before the event for permit approval.
            1. If the event will impact surrounding property owners, notice must be sent to abutting property owners at least two weeks before the event date. Date notice provided to abutting property owners.
            2. Applicant shall submit written permission for use of parking from property owner. Parking location(s) must be indicated on the site plan.
            3. If the event requires police services, describe in detail the Police Department’s participation, and if the event is held in/on city streets or roadways, describe how traffic will be regulated during the event.
            4. If the event requires other city services, list other city departments and the participation of each department.
            5. Run or Parade
              If this application is for a run or parade, please include the following:
            6. Include the starting and disbanding points.
            7. Property Owner Information
              If any portion of the event will be held on adjoining private property, please provide the following.