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Forms Abandoned Property
Forms Additional Trash Cart
Forms Animal at Large
Forms Animal Trap
Forms Barking Dog
Forms Bulk Trash/Tree Limbs Not Picked Up
Forms CLOSED/DO NOT USE - Utility Cuts (Street)
Forms CLOSED/DO NOT USE/FOR UTILITY BILLING Temporary (Hydrant) Meters
Forms Comments
Forms Cruelty to Animals
Forms Deceased Animal
Forms Deteriorated Structures (Fences, sheds, et cetera)
Forms Drainage Ditch/Inlet Clogged
Forms Fire Hydrant Leaking/Damaged
Forms Flushing
Forms FOR CITY USE ONLY - Demolition(s) per FD/CE
Forms Grafitti
Forms High Grass/Weeds
Forms Illegal Dumping
Forms Illegal Signs
Forms Improper Disposal of Yard Waste
Forms Inoperable Vehicle
Forms Junk Debris (trash, boxes, toys, etc.)
Forms Lost or Found Animal
Forms Manhole Cover Removed/Missing
Forms Manhole Overflow
Forms Manhole Repair/Cleaning
Forms Meter Checks - UB
Forms Meter Leaks & Repairs
Forms Meter Testing
Forms Miscellaneous
Forms Miscellaneous
Forms Miscellaneous
Forms Miscellaneous
Forms No Water
Forms Nuisance Animal
Forms Out of Cycle Bulk Pick-up ($30.00 Fee must be pre-paid at Utility Billing, 418 W Henderson)
Forms Questions
Forms Quote
Forms Report a Pothole
Forms Report Tree/Tree Limbs in Street
Forms Request Street Sweeper
Forms Sewer - Lift Station Issues & Concerns
Forms Sewer - Smoke Test
Forms Sewer Back-up
Forms Sewer Camera
Forms Sewer Main Extensions
Forms Sewer Odor
Forms Sewer Repair
Forms Sign Up for CAP Program (Porch pick-up with Physician's authorization)
Forms Street Repair (and Alley)
Forms Street Sign Missing
Forms Street Sign Not Visable
Forms Taps and/or Ties (Water & Sewer) - Taps/Ties must be paid for in person at City Hall.
Forms Traffic Signal Malfunction
Forms Trash Was Not Picked Up
Forms Utility Cuts - City Use Only
Forms View Obstructions
Forms Water - Off/On
Forms Water Leak
Forms Water Main Extensions
Forms Water Pressure
Forms Water Quality (Taste, Odor, Color)
Forms Water Restriction Violation
Forms WTP - Construction/Water Tests per Contractors
Forms Zoning Violation